• NGH Board Certified Hypnotherapist
  • NGH Certified Instructor
  • Certified Member, Hypnosis Trainer and Examiner with IAPCH
  • Psychotherapist of Sexual Dysfunctions – European League of Psychotherapy
  • Tai Chi\Chi Kung Instructor, Russia Gold Medal Champion in Tai Chi
  • Biotechnologist Engineer
  • Classically Trained Ballet Dancer (15 years) – Bolshoy Theatre – Russia


At the age of 21 I was presented with a health challenge. I turned from traditional medicine to Chinese medicine and Chi Kung, the ancient Chinese practice of meditation, breathing and relaxation; working with one’s life force and life energy. Miraculously, after several months, I was given a clean bill of health.

My life saving experience led me to travel to China, Thailand and Europe in search of a deeper understanding of the power of body and mind. I have learned Eastern philosophies and the ancient practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung; I have not seen a doctor since.

Now, I am not only happy to be alive, I am actually happy to be myself and want the same for You. I want You to be thrilled to be you, thrilled to wake up every day of your life and embrace your authentic self. I am helping clients to overcome stress and anxieties, phobias and fears, depression and sleep deprivation, self-esteem issues, smoking cessation, let go of weight and increase their learning abilities. I have done it for some time now (established in 2003) and have helped more then five thousand clients since.

There is nothing more magical, more efficient, and more powerful than the subconscious mind. Allow me to show you how to access and use Your own power, bringing joy and peace into your life and the lives of others in your world. It is my sincerest desire to help You to grow and overcome any obstacles you have in Your life. You have the power to change your life within you and I want to help you achieve your fullest potential and every desire!