1. Try to complete as many tasks as you can before you leave for vacation.
  2. Make sure to let the Right People know that you will be away and unavailable (family, friends, clients, colleagues…)
  3. Make the most of the Pre- Vacation High. Be like a child again. Think about it. Look forward to it!
  4. Turn on your Vacation Mode the night before you leave. Your time off has begun.
  5. To Us, Workaholics! We have earned our breaks. If it is not possible to completely disconnect yourself from work than schedule a very specific/limited time only to focus on work.
  6. Use your vacation time to kick start new healthy habits, rather than fall into old bad ones
  7. Go on the Digital Detox. Disconnect from Social Media. Just do it.
  8. Extend your State of Bliss. Upon arrival, use the most enjoyable memories every night before falling asleep to release the buildup of stress.
  9. Anticipate your next vacation. Nobody gets motivated to wake up in the morning and look forward to paying the mortgage. Plan and look forward to your next vacation.
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