Quit Smoking

We all know the multitude of health risks smokers face each day. And since addictions reside in the subconscious, then you must go there for the solution. What would happen if you just didn’t think about smoking? That power of your mind is called Hypnosis.

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Hypnosis For Weight Loss

No dieting, no pills, no gimmicks. Hypnosis for Weight Loss is safe, simple and effective. Because hypnosis deals with the mind instead of the body, we get right to the core of your emotional eating. The majority of our clients have experienced their cravings disappear after one or two sessions.

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Hypnosis Training

*Now Booking For October Sessions

The Hypnosis profession needs dedicated and talented people who have a passion to help others. Become a Certified Hypnotist with Professional Training by Irina Benoit. Approved by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

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Hypnosis For Sleep

Whether it is waking up a few times at night or not sleeping at all, insomnia and sleep deprivation will eat at your energy level, negatively impacting your work performance, relationships and general well-being. The word “Hypnosis” comes from the Greek word hypnos, meaning “sleep”. This is exactly what you will achieve.

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Anxiety or Fears/Phobias

You were not born feeling anxious or fearful! It’s a slippery slope that can lead to panic, depression, phobias and a perpetual state of emotional misery and fear. No matter what you’ve tried before to deal with anxiety or fear, Hypnosis resolves the root cause of anxiety, fear or panic attack in your subconscious mind.

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Hypnosis for Children

It’s always exciting to see how fast children make positive changes within themselves that usually require so much more time and effort with adults. When it comes to Hypnosis, children & teenagers achieve amazing results due to their rich imagination, flexible & unbiased attitude towards life and willingness to accept the positive suggestions.

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Service Update: We are now offering online Hypnosis sessions via Zoom/Skype - Book A Free Consult.