Irina Benoit


  • NGH Board Certified Clinical Hypnotist
  • NGH Certified Instructor
  • Certified Hypnosis Trainer and Examiner International Association of Professional
  • Conversational Hypnotists (IAPCH)
  • Psychotherapist of Sexual Dysfunctions – European League of Psychotherapy
  • Tai Chi\Chi Kung Instructor, Russia Gold Medal Champion in Tai Chi
  • Biotechnologist Engineer
  • Classically Trained Ballet Dancer (15 years) – Bolshoy Theatre – Russia


At the age of 21 I was presented with a health challenge. I had to endure a great deal of pain and hurt to learn about myself before I could find the love and compassion to heal myself and to heal my past. On my journey I have found that “all joy comes from serving others”.

I had to graduate as a bio-technologist engineer and work in the industry for a year before I have realised that I couldn’t do this work anymore.

It took years of self-searching, learning psychology in Europe, Chi Kung in China and Thailand, Energy healing and meditation in US and Canada before I found what I had really been looking for – Hypnosis.

It took me over 20 years to learn and to practice before I found the why’s and how’s.

It took me some hard failures before I put the knowledge into a system, the techniques into strategies that really work.

I am committed to my client’s success. I am here to help you overcome your biggest issues to live your best life. Over the last 16 years I was blessed to meet and help over 16 000 clients. I have trained over 200 students, and they are now too offering life changing experiences to their clients.

I want you to be thrilled to be you, thrilled to wake up every day of your life and embrace your authentic self.

I have dedicated my life to change the world by helping one person at a time, using the power of the spoken word that comes from the heart.

It is my sincerest desire to help you to grow and overcome any obstacles you have in your life. You have the power to change your life within you and I want to help you achieve your fullest potential!

Services I offer:

  1. Overcome anxiety and panic attacks
  2. Let go of Depression
  3. Resolve past traumas
  4. Overcome insomnia
  5. Build confidence, positive thinking
  6. Stop fear of public speaking, driving, flying, bridges, birds, cats, dogs, spiders, intimacy, exams and tests…
  7. Weight loss. Change the eating habits
  8. Stop smoking
  9. Enhance athletic performance and more
  10. Focus, concentration, study habits
  11. Building success mind set
  12. Basic and Conversational Hypnosis Training and Certification
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