“Beyond happiness and unhappiness there is a peace”

Eckhart Tolle

What did you wish for your loved ones on Christmas eve? Happiness?
Take a look at your journal from 10 years ago. Look at the list of the things you wanted for yourself back then. How many of them do you have now? Have those things made you happy?
If I get married, I will be happy; if I get my PHD, I will be happy; if I buy my next house, I will be happy…
Nothing wrong with wanting to have more and to be more. Only when we look back, 90% of the time, things we possessed didn’t make us Happy.
“There is nothing we need to have, to do and to be in order to be happy”. And yet we spend our entire life trying to buy, achieve, manifest and attract happiness.
When we get what we want, it makes us happy for a moment and then it leaves us with the need for the next want.
When we didn’t achieve the goal, when we couldn’t get that next thing the clash between our expectations and reality makes us unhappy. We begin to dread our future and run away from the past, thus creating more anxiety and fear instead of happiness.
What if beyond the duality of being happy or unhappy there is a space within us that is filled with acceptance of both?
What if we can start learning to BE HAPPY by accepting more of our lives just the way they are right now?
What if the ultimate happiness cares less about outcomes and focuses more on being in the process?
Mind is synonymous with resistance. Happiness is unconditional acceptance of what is. it means that happiness can’t be in the mind. Happiness is not the MIND. Where does happiness come from?
From peace, as peace is unconditional acceptance of what is.
It is the acceptance of what is that manifests good that has no opposite. And peace includes the opposite of it.
As you continue working on setting up your goals for 2021, make a list of your goals, look at them and make a promise to yourself to take actions and achieve those goals. Not because you hope this will make you happy, but because you are committing to invest in your journey, invest in yourself, in changing, in becoming and growing in spite of the outcome.
Shift your focus from the outcome to the process, from the results to your growth; from fear of not getting it to the excitement of becoming; from duality into unity; from drama to peace into the ultimate happiness that includes both sides of life.
To your unconditional happiness of peace and acceptance in 2021!

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