The way we relate to others and the reasons why we behave the way we do comes from our experiences of the past. We all have experienced a loss of a friend, a lover, a job or a business…We have all felt lost, fearful, anxious…

How we relate to these experiences from the past is how we are unconsciously mapping our future. “Who you are today, is the result of the stories you tell yourself about your past”.

Do you desire to be free from the past and to create an amazing future for yourself?

Before the end of December,

  • Make a list of the most significant events of your life.
  • Next to each event write a few lines on how you feel NOW when you think about that event
  • If the memory brings a strong feeling of fear, desperation, worry, anger, loss, sadness, guilt or grief…
  • Ask yourself, what is my belief behind this feeling?
  • Then ask yourself Will my life be better in 2021 if I hold on to this belief?

If the answer is NO, then allow yourself to feel the feeling that holds the belief together. Allow the feeling to be. Don’t fight it, don’t judge it, don’t run away from it. Just let the feeling be and let yourself be present with the feeling for a few moments.

  • Accept the feeling to the best of your ability, thus transcending the feeling underneath of the old belief.
  • Next, bless the old belief and release it to the past that is behind you.
  • Ask yourself What is my new belief? Imagine yourself in the future living with the new belief.
  • Feel how it feels to live your truth and breath in that new feeling into you.
  • When you are full, send that feeling into your future that is in front of you.

Bless your past and create your future in advance!

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