This summer I have met an amazing person, a native medicine woman and a visionary who led me through a short meditation, that has changed my life in a big way.

At some point in the meditation, she talked about butterfly medicine (kaw mama).

Think about it. The butterfly is the only living organism capable of changing its entire genetic structure (DNA) from caterpillar to butterfly. It represents the way of life on Earth.

Natives believe that the power the Butterfly holds is the power of air, which rules the mind and mental processes.

The butterfly goes through 5 stages of transformation:

  1. The egg stage represents the beginning, the idea.
  2. The larvae stage represents the stage of creativity.
  3. The cocoon stage represents the stage of going “within” to nurture the creative idea.
  4. The transformation stage represents the breaking of the cocoon, the stage of birth and coming into your own.
  5. The final stage is applying and sharing your creations.

I have learned some lessons on how to create from the Butterfly medicine. I thought you may benefit from them too:

  • Anything we create from an idea to the manifestation hs to go through all 5 stages of creation in order to fly high.
  • Stop rushing and pushing forward what may still be in the middle of the process of creation.
  • Embrace the NOW and trust the circle of creation that works within me.
  • Many times, in the past I have stopped the manifestation of my own creations at stage 3, by refusing to go inward and being “within”.
  • Make it light. Make it fun. While doing what you need to do, enjoy it, celebrate every stage, and reward yourself with feeling good.
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