Based on book “The wedge” by Scott Carney

If you are a human, then you have experienced anxiety and fear before.

This means that you too have a limbic brain that receives “raw” sensations from the outside (touches, smells, images…). When the limbic brain receives a sensation, it checks for a similar record from the past. If there is no record, the limbic librarian passes sensation to the paralimbic cortex, the center of
EMOTION to figure out how to deal with the new sensation.

Parallimbic center pairs the new sensation with YOUR CURRENT EMOTIONAL STATE and creates a “symbol’ to store it in the library of the limbic brain.

The next time the librarian encounters the same sensation, it pulls the symbol RIGHT AWAY and passes the old emotional value whether it is relevant to the current situation or not. This is neuroscience that tells us that the brain never comes up with new emotional responses on its own.

Why this information is truly important? This is an antidote to anxiety and fear. Unless we intentionally create a new neuro symbol, we will continue reacting to life in the old programmed ways, with fears, anxiety, sadness, anger…

When you bond raw sensation (a trigger) with chosen emotion, you create a new symbol that your brain will be using in the future. This is how 14 000 of my clients have already reprogrammed their minds.

How do you do that? You can’t learn it by reading about it. The only way to re-program your mind is by experiencing it.

I really want to share with you a life changing experience, so that you too train your brain to react to life in a calm and confident way.

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