You already know that any action requires motivation. Many people think that laziness, procrastination, avoidance, and boredom equates to the lack of motivation.

Before you agree with this statement, let me tell you something:

You see, we really never live without motivation. The only question is what motivates us. So, when you wish to have a motivation, what you are actually looking for is the right motivation.

Where does motivation come from? The unconscious mind. It is mainly driven by pain or pleasure. The unconscious mind is motivated to either move away from pain or towards pleasure.

This is how we are wired on physical and psychological levels. As a result of this wiring, we can only be motivated either by Inspiration or Desperation.

We never live without motivation. We can be either motivated by fears or by possibilities. Our lives are the results of our past motivations. Driven by fears, we may take a lot of actions to avoid pain but achieve very little in life.

Take a look at examples of actions that came from desperation. See if any of these applies to you:

  1. You eat healthy only when you feel you are about to get sick
  2. You go to the gym only after you gained 10, 20, or 30 lbs
  3. You express just enough love to your partner to keep them from walking
  4. You book a vacation only after you realized that you are about to burn out
  5. You call your parents only when you feel really bad for not calling them for a

What if you choose to be inspired by possibilities rather than uncertainties? How would it feel like? Where are you picturing yourself now? How is your work environment? Home? Your health? Your relationships?

Take a moment and ask yourself where do you need to go inside of yourself right now to picture yourself doing everything you do every day only with a commitment to succeed rather than trying to avoid failure? What you are feeling now may be a key to do less and to have greater results and a more fulfilling life.

The smallest action with the right Intention creates a greater ripple effect on the fabric of life than multiple actions that are motivated by fears.

Our fears can only motivate us to survive. Surviving every day takes a lot of energy. In order to thrive in life, adopt the attitude of living from inspiration.

Commit to succeed. You already know what is good for you. Because the only way to achieve more in life is by being inspired.

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