There are two ways of growing any relationship (business, personal, money…). We either grow through Inspiration or Desperation/suffering.

In Zen tradition, the Japanese term Satori refers to growth by insight, while the term Kensho means growth by pain. How do you want to grow?

Michael Beckwith describes four stages of evolution of consciousness:

1. Desperation stage – Victim Consciousness. We believe that Life Happens TO ME. We then grow through suffering – Kensho at this stage.

2. Intention stage – Manifestor Consciousness. Here we believe that Life Happens BY ME. We grow through focused Intention, goal setting, positive states of expectancy and visualisations.

3. Inspiration stage – Channeller Consciousness. At this stage, we believe that Life Happens THROUGH ME. Here we grow through Inspiration – Satori.

This is where we surrender, trust and let go. This is where we let the Inspiration guide us. This is where we begin to channel what we have been inspired by into our physical reality.

We listen to the inner guidance (intuition) and follow your bliss/calling. This is when we realize that in order to HAVE MORE we need to BE MORE. The most powerful transformations we hear about are happening at this stage of consciousness.

4. Mastery stage – Being Consciousness. Life Happens AS ME. Here we are aware of our true identity. We are inseparable from life. It is a powerful state of harmony and coherence with who we are.

At which stage are you in your life now? Where do you want to be? How do you want to be? How do you want to grow in your life? My hope is that we can grow together.

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