“Anything is possible on the other side of the moment”

Have you heard of Schrodinger’s probability density equation?

No? I am with you. The only reason why I have discovered it, is because I have been fascinated by quantum physics for quite some time.

When I saw the equation, I had an insight on how the reality of quantum physics become our reality and destiny.

Do you want to know how?

The equation describes that along the future path of your life, there are patterns of potentialities (potential future). These patterns are dictated by the past as long as you give your energy to the past and choose to live outside of the moment.

There are two conditions to change the potential future:

1. Stop giving energy to past experiences, emotions, thoughts;

2. Start living in the here and now, in the moment;

Schrodinger’s probability density equation illustrates that when we choose to live in the moment, the patterns of potentially shift accordingly.

How do we stop giving energy to the past?

By choosing to accept the past and accept the emotions from the past;

By choosing to forgive yourself and others and let go;

How do you start living in the moment?

By choosing to accept an experience just the way it is, without fighting it, without running away from it, without labelling it.

By being present in the moment, you are opening yourself to the limitless possibilities – potentialities of the future. Because everything is possible for you on the other side of that moment WHEN YOU ARE IN THE MOMENT.

This is how quantum physics becomes our destiny. Destiny we can change.

If knowledge is power, than I am here to help you live in an empowered state. Knowing that everything is possible on the other side of the moment.

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