We spend most of our lives learning and mastering the skills to make money. And yet, money is the most frustrating topic for most of us. Sometimes a simple mental switch is what could be missing to heal your money wounds.

How do we connect to money? Most of us are connecting to money by fear. Fear of losing money, fear of not having money, fear of not using money right…

Money — It’s that one area of our lives that can carry so much emotional baggage.

Zen Millionaire, Ken Honda has researched over 12,000 self-made millionaires. He has discovered that people relate to money on one of the three levels:

  1. Most people believe that money is like ice.
    It’s cold and scary.
  2. Some people believe that money is like a river.
    Money flows.
  3. The most successful people believe that money is like air.
    Money is as natural as breathing air. We don’t need to think about air. We just breathe it.

Yet we spend our entire lives trying to attain more of it.

  1. Some people lose money as fast they earn it.
  2. Some of us fear money so we hoard it to no end.
  3. And some of us even believe that money is evil.

At which level do you communicate with money? From the place of scarcity, enough or abundance?

It seems that you can’t have more money if your internal “money container” is small. How to enlarge it?

Ken introduces a unique concept of healing the money wounds in order to have money, the Arigato Money Technique.

Every time when you receive and when you give money, thank it (Arigato in Japanese) and really mean it.

Ken teaches “arigato your money when it comes in and when it comes out.”

“Arigato in and out”. Every time when you pay for something, say Thank you/Arigato. Every time when you receive money, say Thank you/Arigato.

Money is circular energy. Arigato Technique creates a flow of happy positive energy that circulates money into your life.

Try it. Arigato.

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