Based on the book “Stealing Fire” by Steven Kotler

Do you know how to shut down fear/anxiety, accelerate healing, learning and perform at your best?

You can accomplish all of these by being in a very specific mind set, one of the states of consciousness we call non-ordinary states.

For thousands of years millions of people all over the world have been practicing meditation, mantras, yantras, qi qong, yoga, and many other methods only to achieve the same states of consciousness, alfa-theta states of brain frequency.
A recent breakthrough in neuro-science has discovered that non-ordinary states allow us to achieve in months what used to take years of diligent practice.

The moment you get into that state, your brain signature changes dramatically. Stress chemicals like cortisol and norepinephrine were momentarily replaced with performance enhancing dopamine, anandamide, serotonin and oxytocin.
A few hours of being in alfa-theta states overwrote years of fearful living. That’s how powerful they are. The science has summarised characteristics of non-ordinary states into four:
1. Selflessness
2. Timelessness
3. Effortlessness
4. Richness

Remember when was the last time or any time when you experienced all four? Remember how it felt to be in the state of almost ecstasy? Free from self, not being aware of time and purely enjoying being in the now?

Running around with friends when you were a child? Watching the starts with the one you love? Laying on the sand of a beautiful beach? Practicing meditation?? Dancing or singing and forgetting yourself? Giving a speech? Last time when you played sports? 
First time when you listened to your favorite song? The time when you have experienced an ecstasy of being in the now, you were in the powerful healing, learning, life enhancing state.
What am I suggesting?

Remember the saying, “follow your Bliss”?
Make it your priority to BE MORE and to DO MORE of what takes you in your Bliss, your ecstasy, your personal non-ordinary states.

This is how you heal yourself. This is how you learn a great amount of information in no time. This is how you grow beyond ordinary. 

Non-ordinary states of consciousness train us to become extraordinary people, to live the lives of purpose, devotion and service.

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