We get motivated by desperation or inspiration. These are the only two driving forces in life.

Take a moment and look at your past. How much did you learn from you own suffering, the changes in life, the failures and losses? How did those unfortunate events, traumas, losses, and failures push you to adapt, to create and to find the strength within yourself instead of looking for resources, support and help on the outside.

How much can we learn about ourselves from a place of losing control? What would it take for us to end the suffering that only comes from us holding onto the past and to the old? What would it take for us to stop trying to avoid change, and stop protecting ourselves from the unknown-new?

How can we grow into our greatness, to be inspired and to let go of old? If you are not holding onto the old, you are flowing with the change. When we accept and adjust, we begin to see opportunities where we only saw uncertainties.

What would it take for you to make a choice to not resist life, but to be inspired by changes? How do you step into your inspirational identity? Where do you start to embody the resilience and grit that is inside of you?

Step 1: Choose courage
Choose to BE courageous enough to accept what is happening in your life. Being brave and courageous to see your reality just the way it is, without trying to avoid it or resist it.

Step 2: Acceptance
As you are beginning to accept what is happening in your life, you will transcend your own negative emotions and you will transform the outside circumstances to your greatsurprise.

Step 3: Love
Unconditional acceptance is LOVE. When you accept somebody with no conditions, you love them. As you accept your emotions and the conditions unconditionally, you begin to heal yourself and you begin to heal your life with love in a powerful way.

These are three steps that will move you from desperation to inspiration; from fear to freedom, from mediocracy to your own greatness.

Choose to step forward.

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