There is nothing wrong with you, if you have anxiety.

Your Amygdala responsible for the fight or flight reaction is working, and it responds to the informational threats as if they were physical threats.

What does it mean? It means that even though we are no longer using the fight or flight reaction to run away from a dangerous animal, we‘ve got accustomed to run away from our own thoughts and feelings.

We react to our thoughts and feelings as if there were physical threats to our lives.

Are we doomed to be stuck in the fight and flight response? Do we have another choice?

Highly successful people receive much of their endorphins through exploration, adventure-seeking, and even Post Traumatic Growth.

In fact, Post Traumatic Growth creates an emotional resilience to stress. Have you heard a storey of someone who has overcome trauma and came out of it being stronger and more resilient?

Let’s look at Wim Hof. A man who has lost his wife to suicide and been left alone with 4 kids.

These are the records of his Post Traumatic Growth:

  • The record for running the fastest half marathon barefoot on ice or snow in the Arctic.
  • Completing a 41km marathon in the Namibian desert without water or food.
  • The world record for being in direct contact with ice, spending an hour and 52 minutes submerged up to his neck.
  • He swam more than 57 metres under ice with only trunks and a pair of goggles.

Most people would go into shock, hypothermia, hysteria, pain, anxiety. How did he do that And how does a surfer overcome a fear of death facing a 120 ft high wave in California?

How did skateboarder, Danny Way jump over the Great Wall of China with a G force of 5 at the start?

Is there something in common with all these people? Do you want to know what that is?

All of them have stated that they have unconditionally accepted the fear to do an impossible.

Here is the output. Being relaxed in the cold, finding stillness in the chaos is what re-programs our nervous system with the new arsenal of RESPONSES. This is pure neuro-science.

Unconditional acceptance of anxiety or fear transcends it into peace.

And you can make it work for you the next time and every time when you choose to accept what is and relax into the stillness of NOW.

Choose to give your brain a new arsenal of responses and be in control.

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