Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. – Lau Tzu

Love creates everything else

As we are moving into 2020I wanted to share with you what I have learned this year. Perhaps it will make sense to you too:

  1. Family is KEY. Taking care of my mom while she was not well for 8 month has taught me a lot about my life’s priorities.
  2. Kindness opens the doors without knocking them. The kinder I am – the more kindness flows into my life.
  3. Forgiving relieves us from the tremendous stress. Forgiving my dad after 15 years of him not been present in my life had a profound emotional healing effect on me. Who do you choose to forgive?
  4. Choosing to Surrender. It’s impossible to control the world. Surrender is not about giving up. It is about letting go and letting the best part of you to come forth. Surrender is like falling asleep or falling in love. You can’t’ control the fall. You can only surrender yourself into it only to find that YOU ARE IN CONTROL.
  5. Feed my soul is as important as to feed my stomach. Taking care my soul is not a chore. It is my privilege. Practice of Meditation, Tai Chi, and Mantras… are my ways of feeding the soul. What are yours?
  6. All my life I have made assumptions. I lived with them and I lost some good people in my life because of them. I choose to stop making assumptions. I choose to be open to trust and to love and to live fully.
  7. It’s ok to take a break from social media, emails, and internet and read a book. I give myself permission to go on a media diet from time to time.
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