1. Use both models of learning: Focused and Relaxed

To bring your Mind into the Resting State use Self-Hypnosis, yoga, meditation, breathing, walking, and listening to music… Experiment and find your own way.

2. For easy recall create Brain Links

Talk to yourself to explain yourself key ideas, using funny stories, metaphors and humorous images. Short term memory plus emotion equals long term memory.

3. Use Pomodoro Technique

Intensely focus for 25 min. than relax a bit by doing something that you really enjoy. Use a Pomodero Timer to build a greater ability to focus.

4. Reward yourself and celebrate your success

Reward yourself for the good work that you have done with a few minutes of web surfing, a cup of your favourite tea, stretching…Rewarding creates positive mind associations with studying.

5. Test yourself

Test yourself or let others test you. Testing strengthens recall.

6. “Eat your Frogs First”

Start with the most difficult task first. Ease yourself into studying by starting with the most difficult part.

7. Cleanup the confusion

Cleanup the points of confusion as much as possible. Don’t collect them.

The Genius within you is waiting. Learn to succeed. Remember, the right practice makes YOU permanently successful.

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