While our lives are gradually coming back to “normal “, there is less and less time. We seem to speed up more and more. What this special time is teaching us?

If time is the space between memories, I wonder what would happen if each night we would forget everything. Every morning we would wake up to a new world. I bet we would feel like babies, excited, totally present, aware, and in a state of wonder.

There would be no time, no past. There would be no tomorrow as tomorrow is only imagination based on the memories from the past. There would be no fear, no anger, no guilt, no shame. As they are only memories of the pain from the past. We would live the joy of NOW. We would be at peace and we would love more.

Upon the awakening, we may ask ourselves I am in my boy or my body is inside of my consciousness?

Am I in the world or the world is inside of me?

What if the path of remembering who we are is practicing forgetting? Do we need to practice amnesia?

Or maybe the path of remembering who we are is about practicing forgiving, accepting, and letting go?

Forgiving is forgetting to judge and criticize yourself first and those are around you. Forgiving is forgetting the pains of separation, mistakes, and failures.

Do we need a dose of amnesia or we can remember to forgive and forget anything that doesn’t serve Truth, Love, Joy, and Peace?

I hope, my reader to help you find your path to being in the NOW.  

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