I have noticed that many of my clients who have come to get rid of anxiety and/or insomnia have been covert or full-blown perfectionists.

As a recovering Perfectionist, I had to learn a lot about that “Perfect” part of my personality before I could make peace with it. I thought that this small excuse in the world of perfect may help you to avoid the struggle and lost years of joy.

I wonder if you can recognize your “Perfect” part:

  • Perfect is not good enough
  • Perfect is constantly looking for acceptance and approval from others
  • Perfect relies on other people’s opinions
  • Perfect punishes and blames you for making mistakes
  • Perfect is not aiming to succeed. It is simply trying to avoid failure at all costs
  • Perfect lives in the past or in the future, but it never lives in the NOW
  • Perfect is afraid to fail, so it procrastinates until you fail. It fails you before you try.
  • Perfect is stagnant. It can’t grow. It has already reached its destination. Perfect is dead.

Do we really mean to be perfect? As kids, did we dream about having a perfect body, a perfect car, a perfect job, a perfect partner…? Or were we just inspired to be GREAT at what we choose to be and do?

Have we, adults lost something important? How did we turn from great to perfect, from wonder to anxiety, from excitement to security?

I wonder what will happen when you accept:

  1. You are not perfect
  2. You will fail and you will be wrong at times
  3. You can’t hate yourself enough to get better

I am curious what will happen if/when you choose to:

  1. Be honest with yourself and only do/be the best you can. Not perfect, just the best you can do/be.
  2. Spend more time to BE. Balance the doing with the being.
  3. Make peace with “NOW”. Do Tai Chi, learn Self-Hypnosis, practice Yoga or Meditation, walk outside…

What if you are right and you are not perfect? And when you accept it, you can change it. When you accept you will grow. Let us grow together.

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