Stop counting calories.
Weight loss is not about what you are eating. It’s about how you are thinking.
You may have heard that positive thinking creates positive results.
Do you know what negative thinking creates? Yes, it too creates results.
The Mind creates more of what we are thinking about.
How does this relate to your weight loss? Let’s do a quick thought experiment.

Think for a moment of a time when you have failed in the past.
Now, think of your weight goal. Notice how you feel when you think of your goal.
And now, think of the time when you have succeeded, felt confident, on the top of the world…. Think of your goal again.
Notice how you feel when you think of your goal now. Remember that feeling…
You have just thought of the same goal, but you had two different experiences.
The way you felt about your future goal has changed in a matter of a minute. You may have felt that your future goal is less or not attainable in the first thought experiment.
Only a minute later you felt more inspired and more motivated in regards to your goal.
What are your chances to succeed when you feel the way you felt in the first and in the second experiment? How come?
The difference in the way you feel is the key.
This is what psychologists call Cognitive Dissonance (C.D.).
C.D. is really an emotional distance between how you feel today (in the moment) about your goal in the future.
The less that distance is the more motivated, the more inspired you are, and the easier it will be for you to take actions towards your goal.
How to use it to your benefit?
Train your Mind to FEEL GOOD about your Goal.
Here is HOW you can do it:
Every night just before you fall asleep, rehearse that Feeling of being Successful from the time when you have succeeded and think of your goal.
Feel that successful feeling and think of your goal. Feel the feeling and think of your goal. Repeat the cycle of feeling-thinking 5- 10 times and then let go and fall asleep.
Being overweight starts the negative cycle. 3 minutes of this practice daily is what will stop it.
Your Mind is the most important factor to losing weight and feeling good.
Use it.

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