Do you know why Salvador Dali used to sit in his favourite chair with keys in his hand?

Do you have any idea why Thomas Edison used to sit in his chair with ball bearings in his hand?

Surprise! This is how both of them were getting their new ideas and insights.

When Salvador Dali would get so relaxed that his keys dropped to the floor, it would wake him up. He would relax again to drop the key again, wake up … until he reached just the right state of relaxation known as Trance state. The state in between being asleep and being awake. Thomas Edison used the same technique to bring his brain into just the right state to come up with new ideas.

Both of them separately discovered and practiced this natural way to bring the brain into what scientists now call the Resting State of the Mind.

Resting State is the State of genius. When your mind is in the Resting State, it comes up with genius ideas, creates solutions and solves problems.

I don’t know how Dali and Edison figured out what our scientists only just discovered. Only you and I can too use this knowledge to our advantage.

Neuroscientists have discovered that we learn in two ways:

One way to learn called Focused State. This is how we have been trained to study. It is when you concentrate and focus on something that you want to learn.

In order to get a new pattern of thinking when you are learning something totally new, you need to see a bigger picture. You need to have a broader perspective.

That happens when your mind is in the Resting State.

Have you ever got a great idea while in the shower or before falling asleep?

Here is the greatest secret to learn more with less frustration:

Your mind needs to be able to go back and forth between Focused and Resting State. This ability to go back and forth is the genius that helped Dali and Edison create new ideas. Here are some more tips to unleash your Genius.

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