We may need to be physically distant, but we don’t need to be disconnected. You are not alone, I am here for you.

The COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted what we have already lived with. Fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. We may not be in control of the virus, but we can free ourselves from our own mental/emotional viruses in the mind.

It is our time to wake up and take control of what we can.

Lasting Change Hypnosis is now offering Online Hypnosis sessions via Zoom/Skype, for a variety of problems. To learn how Online Hypnosis can work for you, Click here.

In addition, we are now offering our popular Basic Hypnosis Training & Certification course, online! This ensures our current and aspiring students can still access our programs. To learn more, visit the training page and schedule a consultation.

Don’t waste your time and energy on fearing, panicking and agonizing. With the right help, sometimes the worst times are the best times to find YOUR strength.

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