You are what you think of yourself

The definition of identity (ID) is who you are and the way you think of yourself. Your identity has been created by the environment, parents, teachers, society…Have you ever felt stuck?

In reality, the ID is our opportunity to become who we are meant to be. We are not our past and we can change and upgrade the ID. We can go beyond what we thought we could be and do. WE can bend the old reality.

In order to have more in life we need to BE MORE.

How? We need to expend our awareness from fear mentality (life happens to me) to Manifestor Mentality (life happens by me) to move from I can’t to I CAN and BE.

Here is one of the ways to achieve it:

  1. Ask yourself who you want to become, what do you want to have, how do you want to grow in your life?
  2. Who is your inspiration? Who is the person that you want to become alike? Who is your Hero, who is doing what you want to do? Who is your Idol? Who has the qualities/skills you are looking for?
  3. Now, imagine you are in the movie theatre watching your Idol living, acting in the movie. Enjoy observing what you see.
  4. Next, float out of your body and into the body of your Idol and now look through his eyes, listen through his ears, think his thoughts, feel and sense what your Idol feels and senses… Enjoy the experience for a few minutes.
  5. Bring yourself back to your body in the movie theatre. Take a few moments to truly enjoy integrating the new unconscious resources, feelings, sensations, pictures in your mind…. Appreciate integrating the new unconscious resources.
  6. Repeat as often as once a day before you fall asleep.

This Mental Exercise is one of the fastest ways of changing your habits and your beliefs to succeed in life. Adopt it to succeed.

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