Do you remember the last time or any time when you felt the most relaxed, the most peaceful? Do you know why you still remember that one minute or 5 min. of your life after all?

Yes, it felt great. You were present in the moment for that minute of time. And you were at peace with it. When we accept our reality fully, we are than present fully in it. We call this experience being at peace.

Why have most of us only experienced a few moments of peace and only a few times in life? How have some people achieved abundance of peace, joy and happiness while most of us are still struggling with the luck of it?

Can you have more of peace? Or can you BE more at peace?

What if the loss of NOW is a loss of Being; and Being in the NOW is being Happy?

Have you noticed that the mind creates many strategies to avoid being in the NOW. Watching TV/social media, drinking, smoking, overeating…

Resistance to NOW seem to be collectively growing especially now as humanity is facing more and more challenges.

How can we free ourselves from resistance?

I have discovered three ways of cultivating presence in the moment. Two of them are, like yin and yang. The third way is the way of balance:

1. Radically minimise your mental activity (meditation, hypnosis, prayer…)

2. Radically maximise your physical activity (cardio, running, weight lifting…)

3. Train yourself to be present with whatever you are doing.

If you are interested in learning more about the third way, stay tuned. We will continue the journey in the NOW together.

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