1. Go on a low-information diet
Information consumes our attention. Attention requires energy. Therefore a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention and lack of energy. Your attention is valuable. Don’t waste it.

2. Control your focus
Do you want to be in control of your emotions? Take control of what you are focusing on. Focus on what IS GOOD/RIGHT in your life.

  • Reach out, connect to your family and your friends. Share love and receive love.
  • Adopt a little friend, a cat, or a dog. You will save it and it will save you.

3. Your last line of defense
Why does nobody talk about it? Stress is the number one trigger to lower your Immune response. The Immune System is the last and the most important line of defense.

  • Use your time to practice yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, and Chi Kung…
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, eating processed foods, adulterated fats, and refined sugars
  • Eat good food. Focus on the nutritional aspect of it
  • Go to bed earlier
  • Be outside
  • Get more sunlight and fresh air

4. Be good to yourself

  • Accept what you can’t change and take control of what you CAN CONTROL NOW.
  • Be kind to yourself. Give yourself some time just to BE.
  • Practice self- acceptance.
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